I’m a London-based multidisciplinary designer, recently graduated from Camberwell College of Art.

My practice sits at the intersection of culture, nature and technology. It is primarily concerned with the ever-in-flux condition of the human organism, and seeks to examine, critique and redefine dominant methodologies of the constitution of form. In the pursuit of social agency and personal autonomy, it engages with the complex nuances of contemporary socio-political and socio-technological systemic conditions, and seeks to both confront and continuously examine the free flow of knowledge perceived to be rational.
   I employ a research based and process driven form-from-function approach to my work. Rooted firmly in conceptual underpinnings, a core driver is the communication of new perspectives — disrupting an existing ideological framework in order to introduce a totally new modality of thought through the delivery of impact, emotion, and meaning.
    During the previous 4 years of my degree I’ve worked on a multitude of multidisciplinary briefs ranging from typography to fashion concept. In my third year I took the Diploma in Creative Computing at the Creative Computing Institute, where I began grappling with the technicalities of creative practice in a digitised world, using computation and code as a tool to design and conceptualise deliverables ranging from interactive installation to AI generation.

Full portfolio available on request.